Money Back Guarantee on

Our Money Back Guarantee is here to cover you in case something goes wrong and the seller doesn’t want to help you out even though they should. Why? Simple – the Digital industry needs an awesome free market experience, so that’s what we are creating.

When does Money Back Guarantee apply?


If a digital item you purchased on is not as described, doesn’t work or has been removed from your account, you will receive a refund.

How does it work?


1. Report the problem about a specific order to the seller.

Our system have 2 days to play the hero and solve your problem. Why should they? Customers (like you) rate them. Good ratings = more buyers & money. Bad ratings = less buyers & money.

You can report a problem to the seller right after displaying your key via the Left-bottom corner tabs in your stpoiles Dashboard. You can also contact the seller directly via our Contact us (you must be logged in both cases). 

2. Get your refund.

Once you have submitted the claim with all necessary information, it will be reviewed and proceeded. You’ll be updated on the case via e-mail. All refunds will either go to the source of the payment method .

Is it free?

Yes. For everyone.


Need help?


Contact us at {email} for questions related to refunds and returns.